Retro Gamer Tetris Swimsuit

Retro Gamer Tetris Swimsuit

Just the other day BlackMilk came out with a new collection of products including an awesome Cathedral Dress. Another cool new product was this Retro Gamer Tetris Swimsuit. It may look familiar to GeekAlerts Readers, because it is based on those Retro Gamer Leggings we […]

H2O Interval Swim Music System

H2O Interval Swim System

We all know how important working out is for us, especially with fast food places on every corner tempting us.  Let’s be realistic, would any of us make it past five minutes if we couldn’t listen to our iPod with all our favorite iTunes on […]

Floating Nuclear Swim Globe

Floating Nuclear Globe

There are plenty of ways to look like a moron in the water. You could get on a Hand Pedal Float, pretend you’re Boba Fett and strap on a JetLev Flyer Water Jet Pack, or roll around in the ocean waves on a Floating Nuclear Globe.


Amphibious Chaise Lounger

Now here’s more cool gear for the pool. Remember the Hand Pedal Float that lets you move across the water by just turning two pedals while you’re still stretched out comfortably on the floater? This time, this contraption doesn’t really add any ease to how […]


Hand Pedal Float

Imagine lazing around the pool as the summer sun beats down on you. You’re on your floater when splashes of water suddenly rain down on you. You take your shades off and see your sister’s kids being rowdy in the water a few feet away. […]