Hand Pedal Float

Hand Pedal Float

Imagine lazing around the pool as the summer sun beats down on you. You’re on your floater when splashes of water suddenly rain down on you. You take your shades off and see your sister’s kids being rowdy in the water a few feet away. You lean forward to move your floater when you lose balance and fall into the water. Ugh.

If you weren’t ready for a swim yet, then there’s another floater around that can make things easier for you: the Hand Pedal Float.

There’s no need to stretch forward or lean sideways to get your hands in the water to move or steer this floater. Just reach over and turn the handles on both sides of you to move the pedals and move through the water. The Hand Pedal Float also has two integrated cup holders to hold your drinks (and a back-up) refreshment so you won’t have to get out of the pool to grab one. How’s that for convenience?

Hand Pedal Float

This is the raft lounger that’s propelled by hand-powered propellers. Two four-blade propellers (one on each side of the seat) rotate with a simple turn, moving the float forward, backward, or turning it in either direction. The angled backrest enables reclined relaxation while drifting aimlessly or paddling to a destination and the generous 25′ sq. float provides ample room for outstretched limbs. Two integrated cup holders keep drinks upright.

The Hand Pedal Float is available from Hammacher for $79.95.

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