Pedal Pub – The Bike with the Barrel

Pedal Pub

If you like hanging with your pals and slamming down some brewskies but also enjoy being in the great outdoors and seeing the sights, the Pedal Pub is the bar you’re looking for.

Originally designed in the Netherlands to promote a local tavern, this unique vehicle can now be your own personal bar. A high-grade steel chassis provides a solid deck to hang out on with your buddies. The 10 pedal seats (5 on each side) provide locomotion so almost everyone will get a little exercise while wetting their whistle.

In addition to the pedal seats, there are also two additional seats and a bench in the rear, along with a seat for the driver towards the front of this bar-on-wheels. The bartender does his thing on a low interior deck that runs the length of the vehicle.

The classic tavern look is enhanced by letting you slip your keg into an empty wine barrel that connects to a tap and overflow tray.

Of course, everyone likes to listen to a few tunes while lubricating their insides so an integrated AM/FM radio (complete with MP3 connectivity) provides music through 4 speakers located in the bar’s overhead storage racks.

Pedal Pub

  • Supports pedalers up to 300 lbs. each.
  • 10 pedalers propel the vehicle up to 5 mph on flat surfaces with grades up to 6%.
  • 20′ L x 8′ W x 10′ H. (2,300 lbs.)

The price tag won’t be easy on your wallet but where else can you have a couple of drinks and get a little exercise while enjoying the scenery as you coast serenely by?

You can get the Pedal Pub for $40,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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