Floating Nuclear Globe

Floating Nuclear Swim Globe

There are plenty of ways to look like a moron in the water. You could get on a Hand Pedal Float, pretend you’re Boba Fett and strap on a JetLev Flyer Water Jet Pack, or roll around in the ocean waves on a Floating Nuclear Globe.

Floating Swim Toy Nuclear Globe Ball

Have a blast in the Nuclear Globe and walk across the water!

  • The unique cup-like construction on the outer surface grips and paddles through the water as you spin the globe.
  • Features 6P K80 PVC construction with patented Speed Safety Valves for fast and easy inflation.
  • Features 2 entry/exit portholes.
  • Molded handles on the interior and exterior allow for easy entries and exits.
  • -Tying the “ultimate inflatable ball” to pool ladders, docks, or boats is easy with the integrated molded rope holder.
  • 78″ x 78″ (deflated).
  • Only to be used by 1 person at a time.

The Nuclear Globe is better than most water toys because you’re getting some exercise in the ball, sort of like a hamster wheel. The globe is designed to paddle water as you spin it, allowing you to get somewhere fast without swimming.

It’s called the Nuclear Globe because it is marked with the universal nuclear symbols and is bedazzled in yellow and red nuclear hazard colors. People will not have to be asked twice to get out of the way, because they won’t want to get mowed over by a big nuclear ball with moron inside. Sharks won’t know what to think.

Parents will easily spot their kids on the beach when they are spinning away for hours in a big, inflatable atomic nucleus.

The Floating Nuclear Globe is $399.99 at Skymall.com and can be found on Amazon.com from $271.35.

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