Time Tower Desk Clock

Time Tower Desk Clock

Clocks can be a nuisance: the ugly wall clock at work, the cable box at home, the big, bright digital alarm clock numbers on the nightstand. Why is time always so blatantly staring at us in the face?!  With the Time Tower Desk Clock, time as we know it takes on a clever disguise; sort of like an evil ninja.

Set on a sleek, black, modular tower, the clock’s hour numbers that are printed on a hollow, quadrangular plane move around a knob rather than the traditional hour hands we’re accustomed to. The number that the knob is closest to indicates the hour, while the downward indicator arm represents the minutes. Each hash mark in between the numbers denotes 15-minute increments. This clock is for those who enjoy exercising the old noggin.

Time Tower Desk Clock Features

  • Innovative Design
  • Time displayed in Scale on the loop
  • Height: 8.3 inches x Width: 7.5 inches

The  Time Tower Desk Clock can be purchased at Convenient Gifts & Gadgets for $19.95.

For more innovative timepieces that enhance your cerebral office decor, feast your eyes on the Chalkboard Pop Quiz Math Wall Clock, because the more complicated things are, the better.

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