Googly Eyes Clock

Googly Eyes Clock

The Googly Eyes Clock looks like an adorable pair of googly eyes, but is actually a clock. People end up with googly eyes from drinking too much, falling in love, or when something hits them on the head. Fortunately, it is easy enough to tell time with this clock that a person can do it even when suffering from one of those conditions.

Quite simply, the left eye represents the hour and the right eye represents the minute, just like the hour and minute hands on a regular clock. Unfortunately, precision is lacking, just as if this googly eyes clock was drunk or hit on the head.

Googly Eye Clock

If you’ve ever glanced at the time and rolled your eyes with a quiet sigh, this is the clock for you. Instead of hands, the eyes move slowly around – one showing the hours and one showing the minutes – as if agreeing with you that yes, 8am is too early. It may not be the most precise, but this clock is the most understanding…

Eyes Clock

Keep an Eye on the Time

Forget boring conventional clocks, this contemporary Eye Clock tells you the time and provides an unusual decoration. Telling the time has never been more quirky.

This clock rolls its eyes the way you do: relieved at lunchtime, cross-eyed all afternoon, and looking for the door when it’s quitting time.

Order the Eye Clock for $35 from Uncommon Goods. It is also available for £19.99 at and at I Want One of Those.

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