Steam Spa – Portable Home Sauna

Steam Spa

This weird looking silver tent gives you “all the benefits of a luxurious sauna” and can be stored away conveniently when it is not in use.

With a choice of timer and power settings, and double cut-off protection the Steam Spa is a safe and effective way to take advantage of the beneficial properties of steam to help you relax and unwind. Ease away tension, enjoy the benefits of improved circulation as you become cleansed and rejuvenated by steam in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a video demonstration of the Steam Spa:

A full user guide is provided to enable you to get the best from your Steam Spa, as well as a carefully planned detox diet that can help you to lose weight and drive out toxins produced by the stress of modern life. Aromatherapy oils can also be added to the water to enhance the experience even further.

Steam Spa

The Steam Spa has three power setting options (850W, 700W or 550W) and is available at for £63.45.


  1. It will include the inflator steam sauna and the fold steam sauna.

    they can be used with beauty products such as bath lotion, figure-shaping salt, aroma essence, herbal products etc
    If you have interest with any type, pls do not hesitate to contact with us
    MSN:[email protected]

  2. I have a home sauna but just bought a portable sauna so I would have one to use when I am away from home. Yes, I am hooked on saunas but it makes me feel better when I use a sauna each day.

  3. I have a sauna at home but have missed using the sauna when I was traveling, which is too often to suit me. I was aware of portable saunas but assumed they were too bulky to take with me when I travel. But the size and price of the one you show makes it affordable and easy to carry.

    So I think I will order one and take it with me from now on.

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  5. hi, i am really interested to this product. but i want to know, how can i buy it? because i live at malaysia…
    where should i buy it?
    where can i find this product here? please reply to my email.. thanks..

    my email ; [email protected]

  6. Portable Folding Saunas: Built for one-person use, this compact sauna plugs into any standard electrical outlet with no assembly or preparation necessary. Its box-like design allows you to sit inside the unit with only your hands and neck exposed. This type of portable personal sauna folds easily for travel or storage.

    Portable Pre-built Saunas: These can range in size to accommodate up to several people. Pre-built saunas arrive in two or three sections, requiring approximately 30 minutes of assembly time. While not conveyed quite as easily as folding saunas, pre-built saunas can be transported when necessary, such as when you’re moving to a new residence. Closer in style to traditional saunas, they include wooden benches and cedar walls, but are just as energy-efficient as the folding variety.

  7. I Have a question. This Steam Spa… I Good? I Mean.. It helps lose weight, too? It`s good at that? I saw a lot of “pro” comments but i really wanna know. Thks.

  8. Hi.I am also interested in buying your home sauna.Since my husband has hypertenson, mys son is asthmatic, and my eldest daughter has undergone operation and was diagnosed stage 3B ovarian cancer.Is your product suit for them?How can i buy the product? If I buy one unit from you does it have additional charges for freight or do you have any branch here in the Philippines..I’ll just wait for your email.Thanks and more power

  9. Hi!!! i jUst want to ask if how much does it cost in peso if ever i can find your product here in the phiLippines… And where are the exact locations or branches where i can buy this product… thanks!!!

  10. Hello,
    I am located in Mexico where I bought the steam spa last year and it is fantastic. I was so pleased with it that I bought an extra one for my daughter birthsday and I brought it to her in Switzerland.
    Feelinglike an idiot, I didn’t realize that the voltage in Europe is 220 (instead of 120 on the american continent). Also it was quite impossible to get a transformer for 700 watts. Do you have a location in Switzerland or Germany where we could purchase the 220 volts heather?
    This would be of great help.
    Thank you in advance
    J Vandrogen

  11. hi! i am interested in buying your portable home sauna,how i can buy the product?do you have any branch in philippines or in lubeck germany…thanks

  12. do you have any branch(es) here in the Philippines? Where can i buy it using cash? Im currently based in Cebu.

    Please reply through my e-mail ad. Thanks!

    • Looking to buy a portable steam sauna here in Cebu Philippines. I am here only for two days leaving Nov. 28. Do you have an address? Thank you/

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  14. Please can somebody tell me how to assemble the thing – I purchased one without an instruction manual. Thanks


  16. Im more interested in the steaming pot, because if that goes wrong that’s the end of the sauna. Is the inside of the pot steel or plastic?

  17. Never before heard of a steam shower enclosure until finally I came
    upon this site, so thankful I did really would like one now and finances letting will be getting one very soon

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