Infectious Disease Stress Balls


With all that’s going on in the world today, stress relief is very important so why not have some fun with it.  The Infectious Disease Stress Balls come in several colors and offer you a chance to squeeze some stress out of your daily routine as you pretend that your hand is being consumed by a rare and deadly disease.  While the thought of this may sound terrible, it might actually help take your mind of all the stressful things that were previously getting to you and it usually gives everyone a few good laughs.

Infectious Disease Looking Stress Balls

Pretend you have some new Zombie infection and you now have a chance to release it on all those coworkers that always seem to make your day stressful at the office…Hello Peter, what’s happening?  We have sort of a problem.  You apparently forgot to put a new coversheet on your TPS report.  Did you get the memo? Yeah I got the memo Mr. Lumbergh, but you apparently didn’t get the memo about me handing out infectious diseases today.  Take that!..Problem solved and you are on your way to a stress free day.

Disease Stress Balls

Infectious Disease Stress Balls

  • Gross and totally fun stress balls, made at ThinkGeek
  • Squeeze the ball hard and gross blisters will pop out of the bag
  • Inner color of ball is different than the outer color for maximum gross-out
  • Relieves stress and reduces appetite!
  • Four diseases available:
    • Zombie Virus (orange)
    • Smallpox (green)
    • Cooties (red)
    • Bubonic Plague (blue)

You can purchase Infectious Disease Stress Balls at ThinkGeek for $4.99.  You may also want to pick up a few of the Creepy Monster Stress Balls.  If you have a lot of stress at home as well as the office, checkout the Valkee Brain Stimulation Headset and Meat Tenderizer.


  1. i have one of those… it was cool.. until my brother broke it and splash the liquid within it around my room :))

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