Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases

Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases

Wanna torment your fellow hypochondriac? Launch a couple Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases his/her way and watch the drama unfold.

The icky microbes come in two of our favorite varieties; Common Cold (the round coronavirus that resembles a booger) and E. Coli (the furry caterpillar one). In real life, each one has many different versions or strains that can make us ill and sometimes kill us. Most of us have suffered from an infection of one or both bugs, and it’s never a pleasant affair. The best we can do to avoid those guys is to wash our hands thoroughly, be picky about our food sources, and load up on vitamins. But sometimes despite our best efforts, viruses and bacteria creep into our bodies and get the best of us. Like when someone sneezes and coughs directly at you.

Airborne Microbe Screaming Diseases

Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases

  • Have fun with infectious diseases in your office
  • Spread the Common Cold or E. Coli without guilt
  • Squishy microbes have a really gross texture
  • Stretchy cord lets you send them flying
  • As they fly, they make disgusting (and appropriate) noises
  • Choose:
  • E. Coli (brown and hairy lookin’)
  • Common Cold (snot-colored)

Airborne Screaming Diseases

Cold season is on the brink of return, which is why now is a great time to be having some fun before getting too ill to laugh. Of course being a perpetrator always brings on bad karma, so beware. These grotesque toys work somewhat like a slingshot. Each has a long, stretchy cord that allows you fling it in Angry Birds-style and surprise your cubicle mate, roommate, loved ones, or random strangers. They also produce sound effects, which is always a big bonus.

Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases are $9.99 each at ThinkGeek.

Let’s not forget about another bacterial favorite, Salmonella. Check out this Tub of 3 Salmonella Plush Toys.

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