Fat Cell Plush

Giant Microbes Fat Cell (Adipocyte) Plush Toy

Hopefully by now, you’ve become acquainted with the plush microbes that have invaded the stuffed animal market for geeks. We’ve shown you the Bone Cell, Skin Cell, and Tub of 3 Salmonella Plush Microbes before. Now the Fat Cell Plush is one that’s ideal for these colder, wintery months when we tend to grow an extra stash of adipocytes for insulation.

Plush Microbe Toy “Fat Cell”

  • Part of the “Corporeals” series
  • Approximate Size: between 13 – 18 cm / 5 –7 inches
  • Color: Beige- Brown

I found the Fat Cell Plush under the “gift for exes” section at Curiosite.com and had a big laugh. Now that we’re so connected through social networks, a lot of us occasionally bump virtual shoulders with our exes. That means there are more opportunities to hand out payback gifts to exes. So instead of moving on and having a nice life, you can get back at your ex-bf or ex-gf for ending things prematurely on a sour note.

What’s not to love about the plush fat cell anyway? It’s not such a horrible gift to give. It’s brown, fuzzy, and harmless like a teddy bear, plump as a beer belly, and has big owl-like eyes. Needless to say, fat cells love everyone unconditionally and have no preference for race, color or creed.

The lovable Fat Cell Plush can be purchased at Curiosite for $11.99 or £7.61, also at Amazon for $7.75, and the NeatoShop for $8.95.

ThinkGeek has a Microbial Madness Sale going on right now with buy 2 get 1 free microbe plush. They don’t have the Fat Cell plush at this time, but there are other goodies like Bad Breath, Syphilis and Gangrene. As they say, it’s the thought that counts.

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