Owl Lip Balm Set

Owl Lip Balm Set (Chocolate Orange and Strawberry)

We love creatures of all types at GeekAlerts. We love dogs, fish, cats, lizards, snakes, bugs, Domos, Twitter birds and owls. Maybe it’s because non-human creatures tend to understand us better and never readily judge us. Or at least they aren’t too good at expressing in words what they think of us. We can identify with owls because they are mysterious, intelligent and adorable. But we aren’t so adorable when we have chapped lips, so that’s why the Owl Lip Balm Set will help us keep our beaks soft and kissable.

Owl Lip Balm Set.jpg

This cute little set of Owl Lip Balms comes in two different flavours – chocolate orange and strawberry. These lip balms will moisturize and are small enough to fit in any bag. These lip balms make a great place to store things once you’re finished using the lip balm.

  • Owl shaped lip balm
  • Grey owl: Chocolate orange
  • Pink owl: Strawberry

Winter isn’t quite over yet, so that means a couple more months of dry skin and chapped lips. That’s why you’ll want not just one but two owl lip balms so that you can keep one at home and one for the road. Good thing that they come in two different owl colors and flavors, because I wouldn’t know which one to pick.

It’s kind of funny that you access the lip balm from the bottom of the bird, but it had to be this way or else we’d have to pop the owls’ heads off. Well, it would’ve been cool to have their heads twist 360 degrees to mimic the amazing way owls turn their heads.

You can find the Owl Lip Balm Set at Amazon for $7.95 and at I Want One of Those for £7.99.

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  1. they are so cool and smooth to amazing
    there are so much fun i bought my
    friends one they bought me a
    USB owl lip balm

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