Huey the Color-Changing Chameleon

Huey the Color Changing Chameleo

When all hope is lost in humanity, we often turn to inanimate objects to fill the void. When these objects take the shape of cool color-changing reptiles, all things are right in the world again. Huey the Color-Changing Chameleon is set to turn your case of the Mondays into a trip over the rainbow.

Instead of using UV light to his advantage to fool predators and prey, this lizard would rather aim to please wielding the power of LED lights (and 3 AAA batteries). Via his optical sensor found underneath him, Huey takes on the color of whatever his tush is touching. So if he’s on grass, take a guess what color he’ll turn. No, not stone-colored. Green! If he lands on a cherry red Lamborghini, guess what color he’ll turn? Cherry red, with a touch of green for envy.

Color Copying Chameleon

If you and Huey are both in indecisive moods, flip him to color cycle mode and he’ll keep changing colors. But say you and Huey are in a crabby sort of mood, squeeze his soft vinyl body when he turns red and he will stay stuck in the red. (Not the greatest place to be.)

Color Change Chameleon Lamp

Product Features:

  • Electronic glowing chameleon lamp dynamically matches the colour of whatever surface he sits on
  • Colour cycle mode moves through various colors automatically
  • Squeeze Huey and he’ll pause on the current color
  • Made of soft vinyl
  • Comes with color experimentation sheet
  • Makes a great desk accessory or nightlight

Huey is bound to become your instant pal. He fits in the palm of your hand, he’s cheery and one look into his big, bulging eyes and the rest is history. Brighten up your darkest hour with Huey the Color-Changing Chameleon, available at for £31.99, or $52US, €36. also has Huey in stock for $29.99.

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