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Magic Choc

When you hear the words “Magic Choc” you might immediately picture chalk that’s magic, such as 3D sidewalk chalk or glow-in-the-dark chalk. However, this Magic Choc is all about sculpting chocolate masterpieces and then eating them. If you know the famous chocolatier guru, Jacques Torres, playing with Magic Choc would give you license to step into his shoes for a day.

The Magic Choc kit features chocolate that’s ready for sculpting right away. So forget melting chocolate bits in a double boiler, feverishly eyeballing a candy thermometer, waiting for the chocolate to cool down, and cleaning up a royal mess. Don’t tell Mr. Torres you cheated, though.

One might ask, “Has the chocolate in Magic Choc been bastardized and stripped of all its goodness?” The answer is, “Not at all.” Magic Choc is made of fine milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate. Beyond its gourmet taste, having access to three different colored chocolates is ideal for adding contrasting details, such as googly eyes.

Magic Chocolate

If you’re a germ freak, then there’s an added bonus to buying Magic Choc. Included are anti-bacterial handwipes to get your hands and working surfaces clean so that the guiltless fun can begin.

Magic Choc Features:

  • Soft and flexible white, dark and milk chocolate
  • Made from the finest Belgian chocolate
  • Mold and manipulate it like clay
  • Great treat, creative activity or party favor
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • No need for hot water baths to soften chocolate
  • Includes antibacterial handwipes
  • Each pack makes approximately 4 or 5 models

Magic Choc Contents:

  • 60g Milk Chocolate
  • 40g White Chocolate
  • 20g Dark Chocolate
  • Model Ideas
  • Anti-bacterial handwipe sachet

As far as Magic Choc is concerned, the “don’t play with your food” rule is on its way out the door, only to find itself in the dismal graveyard of Old School. Magic Choc is for the post-Old School revolution, and can be found as a new item at for £5.99, which is about $10US or €7. Also available at Firebox is Yummy Dough, which is a more colorful sculpting medium that you can also eat, minus the chocolatey-ness of Magic Choc.

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