Deli’Do Chocolate Creation Kit

Deli'Do Chocolate Creation Kit

Wanna get fancy with chocolate without applying to a fancy culinary institute? All you need is a Deli’Do Chocolate Creation Kit, and you’ll be on your way to making wonderous chocolatey confections.

Belgian Chocolate All In One KitsChocolate Discovery Kit

  • A small kit to help you discover the fun of Chocolate molding.
  • 10g cocoa butter powder, 25g sugar and silver pearls, 1x chocolate melting pot with funnel and stirring paddle, 1x food thermometer
  • 2x chocolate molds, 1x 100g milk chocolate, 1x 100g white chocolate, 1x measuring spoons: spatula and chocolate cutter, 2x brushes, 1x manual with ideas

Chocolate Starter Kit

  • Has everything you need to get creative, it comes with all 3 chocolate types, tons of tools and 4 molds.
  • 10g cocoa butter powder ,25g sugar and silver pearls, 2x chocolate melting pots with funnel and stirring paddle, 1x food thermometer, 4x chocolate molds, 2x 100g milk chocolate
  • 1x 100g white chocolate, 1x 100g dark chocolate, 2x measuring spoons: spatula and chocolate cutter, 3x brushes, 1x manual with ideas

Whether you choose the Discovery Kit or the Starter Kit, you’ll be working with mouth-watering Belgian chocolate (for all you chocolate geeks who won’t go near Hershey’s). So even if your first attempt at chocolate art isn’t picture perfect, it’s all going to taste good going down the hatch.

These kits take the grunt work out of the whole artsy fartsy chocolate scene. First of all you won’t be needing a double boiler, just a microwave. Each kit contains a microwaveable melting pot, but there’s still a little science involved as you learn to achieve the optimal chocolate melting temperature with the thermometer.

After giving the stirring paddle a few whirls, you get to dispense straight from the melting pot into the given molds by a squeeze of the melting pot’s trigger. Releasing the trigger immediately stops the flow of chocolate to prevent a messy situation.

Once the chocolate cools and hardens in the molds, the chocolate can be tapped out of the molds. Then it’s time to assemble your masterpieces (using a little melted chocolate as glue) and then decorate them with some of the given pearls or edible decor you have around the house. There are photo-illustrated instructions and ideas in the user’s manual, but the ideas are purely suggestions.

Kids will have a blast making chocolate sculptures and will probably be a big help with the clean-up too. (Lots of the items in the kit are dishwasher-friendly.) The kits make great summer projects. If your kids don’t enjoy this, then it may be time to enlist them in boot camp.

You can purchase the Deli’Do Chocolate Creation Kits from Firebox starting at £34.99 with free delivery.

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