Swiss Measuring Spoons

Swiss Measuring Spoons

The Swiss Measuring Spoons are a unique set of helpful cooking tools that will keep you from messing up those delicious sugar cookies that you’re making this Christmas season. They are dishwasher safe and only $10 – a good price for a set of table spoon measuring spoons.

The Swiss Measuring Spoons were modeled after the Swiss Army Knife carrying case, but they aren’t dangerous unless you have incredibly strong biceps. Then, they could potentially be dangerous. Let’s just put it this way: unless you’re intentionally trying to cut something with the Swiss Measuring Spoons, it’s not going to happen.

These are completely kid safe, but your Christmas dinner is not, so I’d keep kids away. Grandma gets mad if the stuffing is salty, and when grandma’s mad, everybody’s mad… Also writhing in pain because she gouges peoples’ eyes out with her nails.

Gama-go Swiss Measuring Spoons
Swiss Measuring Spoons

These food grade ABS plastic measuring spoons are dishwasher safe and convenient to store.

Be prepared for any and all recipes with the Swiss Measuring Spoons!

The precision crafted measuring multi-tool

You can purchase the Swiss Measuring Spoons from Gama-Go for $10 or at for $16. 

If you’re looking for more geeky cooking gear, check out the Electronic Kitchen Scale iPod Dock and the Spoon With A Built In Scale.

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