True Utility Clip Tool Review

True Utility Clip Tool

GeekAlerts, like many of our readers, has a weird obsession with multi-tools and survival gadgets and gear. It could be that a few of us are afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse and the Mayan prediction of the world ending in 2012, or maybe it’s just that we like cool gadgets. Either way, this True Utility Clip Tool fits the bill and is something worth adding to your stash of gadgets and supplies.

As we mentioned in previous posts, True Utility was nice enough to send us a press pack full of goodies this holiday season for review. Included in that pack, was the Mini Multi-Tool with belt clip. The light weight and miniature size, combined with the everyday usability, made this a favorite among our staff. While it has several useful features like a bottle opener, Philips screwdriver, and two sharp knives, it was the needle nosed pliers with wire cutters that really caught my attention.

True Utility Stainless Steel ClipTool

I ran the multi-tool through the usually tests checking the blade sharpness, ease of operation, durability, etc. From what I can tell, it was designed very well and will hold up under a lot of everyday use. The Clip Tool is made from high grade stainless steel construction and you can really feel it when you handle it. There is no play or wiggle room between any of its multi-tools

As I mention before, the pliers caught my attention. The Clip Tool is very ergonomic and really fit my hand well when it was opened and ready to be used as pliers. The attached clip actually gives it a little more leverage and length which worked really well with my finger grip.

True Utility Mini Multi-Tool

I only have one small complaint and it’s not really a complaint at all. The small wire cutters only cut very fine wires. This is partly because of the cutting design and partly due to the size of the tool. This is not a huge issue because you do have two sharp blades (one serrated, one smooth) if you really needed to cut larger wire with this tool.

True Utility Clip On Multi Tool

The True Utility ClipTool is a must have outdoor multi-tool. With a strong stainless steel body this essential tool holds powerful small pliers, a knife, Phillips screwdriver, and bottle opener. With a built in quick release clip it is easily accessible at all times and can be attached to your belt, keys or rucksack quickly and conveniently. At only 84mm x W30mm it is small enough to be perfectly useful yet never in the way.

  • High Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Needle Nosed Pliers & Wire Cutters (spring assisted)
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Quick Release Clip

Overall, I feel this is a great little multi-tool and it should hold up well over time. If you are looking for a gift for the outdoorsman or hiker, this would make a nice little addition to their supply set. You can purchase the True Utility Clip Tool at for $9.99 and at True Utility for £7.99. You can also find it at

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