True Utility SciXors Micro Scissors Review

True Utility SciXors Micro Scissors Review

A while back GeekAlerts introduced you to Scixors, a tiny set of keychain scissors. Now we have our hands on a sample from True Utility, so we’re able to present this SciXors Micro Scissors Review.

Measuring just 2¼ by ½ inches when closed, SciXors are indeed very tiny scissors. For me this ideal, because I don’t like bulky keychains. Plus it is small enough that a LEGO minifigure could actually use this as a weapon. Just add your keys to the included mini key ring, and you really won’t feel any extra weight or bulk in your pocket from these micro scissors

SciXors with Lego Clone Trooper Minifigure

To use True Utility SciXors, you simply pull the mini clip that is attached to the keyring. A spring causes the SciXors to automatically open up, allowing for quick and easy cutting. There are rubber grips, so your fingers don’t slip while you are scissoring.

These micro scissors are pretty sharp, and it is easy to cut through paper, light cardboard, and thin plastic. They’re really useful to always have in your pocket, so you have quick access to scissors anytime you need to cut something. However, they simply aren’t big enough to provide the leverage needed to cut through bigger and stronger materials such as the plastic clamshells that are often used for packaging.

SciXors Micro Scissors Keychain

SciXors are a mini pair of sprung scissors with a quick release pin clip. It is a perfect stocking filler for the person in your life that always wants to be prepared. Be ready for those fiddly plastic clips on toys and to cut open the presents from the aunty who always uses too much scotch tape on the gift wrap.

SciXors Micro Scissors Key Ring

True Utility SciXors

  • Sharp Cutting Scissors for your Key Ring
  • High Grade Stainless steel and black rubber construction
  • Minimalist Design
  • Quick Release Pull-Clip Included
  • Rubber Stop for Good Leverage
  • Key Ring Included
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 12mm

True Utility SciXors
SciXors keychain scissors are compact, functional and really come in handy. It is a useful product that would make a great stocking stuffer. Order SciXors for only £4.99 ($8) from, where UK delivery is free on orders over £10. They were available for $7.99 at, but now they’re out of stock. Perhaps they’ll have more soon. You can also find the for sale from

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