True Utility SlimClips Nail Clippers Review

True Utility SlimClips

GeekAlerts appreciates a good outdoor adventure probably more than most, but we also understand the importance of being prepared and so does True Utility. True Utility started out as just an idea by founder Lee Berman, and has turned into reality with over 3,000 stores carrying their designs. GeekAlerts has shown you some of their products before (Fire Stash Keyring, SciXors Micro Scissors, and Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen), and True Utility was generous enough to send us a press pack for review which included the True Utility SlimClips Nail Clippers.

At first glance, you can tell True Utility put the same care into the design and packing of this product as they do with some of their more expensive items. The packaging is secure and comes with a quick maintenance guide for ensuring long lasting use. You can feel the strength of the grade 422 stainless steel even though the SlimClips are very light. They come with a handy keychain and as you can see in the below photo, aren’t any bigger than your average key.

True Utility Keychain Nail Clippers

I found the SlimCilps Nail Clippers very easy to use and they worked very well on my already short fingernails. Simply slide the little spring loaded switch forward and the handle pops up. Even though my nails are short, the compact design of the SlimClips still allowed me to easily trim my nails whereas bigger bulkier cutters wouldn’t have been able to slide under with the limited space.True Utility Portable TU36 Nail Clippers

These SlimClips are really designed to function as a quick relief tool for cracked nails, hang nails, and any other minor nail mishaps that may happen when you are out and about. Since they seem to handle those tasks with ease, I decided to test them on few other things just to see what they could handle. First up was the toenail. While I consider my feet to be in pretty good shape for someone that takes part in a lot of outdoor activities, I still understand that my toenails are a lot tougher and thicker than finger nails. Besides, you never know when you may stub a toe and have to do some quick trimming.

I’m pleased to say, the True Utility SlimClips easily cut my toenails and I was able to even file down the rough edges with the backside nail file. They also proved to be sharp enough to cut string and tags off of clothing and would be up to all minor trimming tasks if you were in a pinch.True Utility SlimClips Nail Clippers

Discreet and slim line at only 55mm in length by 10mm wide and just 4mm in depth. A course nail file is also incorporated into the back of the SlimClips allowing you to neaten your nails after trimming them. Supplied with split-ring key-ring attachment they are accessible and quick to use, perfect for any split, chipped or broken nails on the go, the SlimClips will solve all nail emergencies.

True Utility SlimClips are available for £4.99 ($8) at They are also available from $ 7.99 at and for £4.76 at

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