Magnetic Force Nail Polish

Magnetic Force Nail Polish

I’ve seen nails with sparkles, glitter, crackles, stripes and intricate designs, but I’ve never seen nails that have been designed by the strength of magnetic force. Magnetic Force Nail Polish lets magnets do all the work to create unique but extremely attractive nail art.

Geeks don’t want animal-print nails. But maybe we’d go for nails designed by the powers of physics. The iron fillings in the magnetic polish will move when directly exposed to the magnetic cap, forming beautiful ripples similar to those in a stone. Choose from several colors of lacquer, such as the burgundy shade called “HipNotic” or the “ElectroMidnight” blue shade. Whichever color you choose, your nails will look like they were designed in a salon.

Magnetic Force Magnetic Nail Lacquer

Magnetic Force Nail Polish
Make waves with Color Club’s Magnetic Force. Just apply Magnetic Force lacquer to nail. While polish is still wet, hover the magnetic brush cap over nail for 15 seconds. Be careful not to touch the polish! When you remove the cap, a unique design will appear!

  • Stunning nails with the power of physics
  • Magnet in the cover reacts with iron filings in the polish
  • Create artistic nails even if you have no artistic talent

Get Magnetic Force Nail Polish at Amazon or at ThinkGeek.

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