The Hunger Games Capitol Colors Nail Polish

The Hunger Games Capitol Colors Nail Polish

With the first installment of “The Hunger Games” heading to the big screen this Friday, March 23, fans can represent their favorite district by wearing one (or more) shade(s) from dozen Hunger Games Capitol Colors Nail Polish collection.

The 12 nail polishes in the Capitol Colours collection are each inspired by one of the 12 districts – allowing citizens to show their solidarity and support for a favorite tribute by wearing the color associated with their district.

  • 0.5 fluid ounces
  • Made in USA
  • By China Glaze

District 1 (Luxury) is the Hunger Games’ version of Tinsel Town and has a shade called “Luxe and Lush,” featuring a clear polish with silver glitter. “Stone Cold” is for District 2, representing masonry and has a dark greyish-black stony shimmer. If you want to look “Riveting” and techy, you need the fiery-red shade designated for District 3. District 4 gets a grey shade called “Hook and Line” that might’ve been inspired by fish scales. The shade “Electrify” represents District 5 and glitters ablaze in red, orangey-golden specks of power.

Hunger Games Nail Colors

As you race to get tickets for the show, getting there early so that you don’t have to sit in front, make sure to wear the District 6 shade “Fast Track” for transportation. “Mahogany Magic” is a matte shade that looks much like a piece of lumber in District 7. “Dress Me Up” is a flirty, innocent pink color reminiscent of the textiles in District 8. Next is the color “Harvest Moon” that’s just like its name suggests. It’s a shiny orangish-brown and is meant for District 9 supporters who like harvesting (and eating) grains.

Hunger Gamers Nail Polish Colours

Everyone wants nails the shade of fashionable goose liver, which is why “Foie Gras” is the perfect color to remind one of livestock in District 10. District 11’s shade is called “Agro” for agriculture and has a greenish brown tint. Smoky black nails somehow look chic, when you add some shine with District 12’s “Smoke and Ashes.”

Go to Hot Topic to check out all the shades of Hunger Games Capitol Colors Nail Polish by China Glaze. Each polish is $7.00 and standard shipping in the U.S. is $4.99. These Hunger Games Logo Hoop Earrings will go great with any shade you pick.


  1. Yes, these nail polishes are cool, but this goes against the whole message of the story!!! Suzanne Collins, where’s your vociferous rejection of corporate sponsorship?!?!

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