Magnetic GorillaPod

Magnetic GorillaPod

The GorillaPod tripod for cameras has been out for several years now and professional and amateur photos alike have gone bananas over it. Then its parent company Joby decided to get smart and stick magnets under the GorillaPod’s three ever-flexible legs, thus inventing something cameraholics are going apes about: the Magnetic GorillaPod.

Explore the versatility of the GorillaPod Magnetic. Combining flexible, wrappable legs and super strong neodymium magnetic feet in a sleek compact tripod form, the GorillaPod Magnetic allows you stretch your imagination and your picture taking capabilities. Whether hanging upside down from the hood of your car or exploiting a craggy rock to get the perfect beachside landscape, the GorillaPod Magnetic is sure to securely take your point and shoot or pocket video camcorder on an adventure.

  • Stick it!: Super strong magnetic feet hold on securely to any ferrous metal surface
  • Versatile positioning: Flexible, wrappable legs secure your point and shoot or pocket video camcorder to virtually any surface
  • Secure your camera: Lock ring provides extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached
  • Change it up!: Slim-line quick-release clip stays connected to your camera and snaps into the GorillaPod for instant setup
  • Endless positioning possibilities: Over two dozen leg joints bend and rotate 360° to position camera at any angle

Adjustable Magnetic GorillaPod

Let your camera go where no camera has gone before. Find a reliable metal surface such as a street lamp, city mailbox, or fridge, and watch the Magnetic GorillaPod’s super-powered magnets do their magic. If your camera drops, use the neodymium magnets to detect lucky coins on the ground or in fountains to buy a new one. Kidding, the camera won’t drop with this thing’s gorilla grip.

Even if you’re in the wild and don’t have any metal structures nearby, you can still take advantage of the GorillaPod’s durable but bendy legs that rotate 360. Handy for gripping trees, for instance. Never take those unflattering, cut-off self portraits with your arm reaching out when GorillaPod’s got your back…front…er, whatevs.

The Magnetic GorillaPod is available on Amazon for $21.19.

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