Swiss Army Knife Chocolate

Swiss Army Knife Chocolate

This Swiss army knife is not 9 inches in width with over 100 tools, it doesn’t double as a stapler, it’s not designed like a pen, it won’t glow in the dark, and it has no built-in USB drive – no, this Swiss army knife is simply filled with delicious chocolate. Yummy!

This delectable Swiss Chocolate Knife is made of the finest Swiss chocolate, and is filled with hazelnut praline. Featuring the Victorinox Swiss Army logo, this fine confection is modeled after the Swiss Army Spartan multitool.

The Swiss Chocolate Knife is yours for $3.25 from the Swiss Chocolate Knife website.


  1. Please let us have them in Europe, too.
    Why do you not ship your swiss knife to switzerland, france etc. ??!!

    I would so much liek to have it as a present but am in france …

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