Dexter DuoGlide Kitchen Knives

Dexter DuoGlide Chefs Knife

Since we’re in the heart of Dexter Week here on GeekAlerts, you probably think these Dexter DuoGlide Kitchen Knives are a tie-in with the TV show. After all, these do look like the type of knives the serial killer, Dexter Morgan, keeps in his kit. Pick up a few of these knives, some plastic sheets, duct tape, and a few syringes loaded with M-99 etorphine hydrochloride, and you can have a complete kill kit.

But alas, these kitchen knives actually have nothing to do with the show. I guess it makes sense, since who wants to cut up food with serial killer knives. (Except for me, dammit!) However, besides for having a cool name and sleek looks, these Dexter DuoGlide kitchen knives are actually loaded with features that make them fantastic for the home chef.

Dexter DuoGlide Bread Knife

The stain-free blades are made of high carbon steel for maximum corrosion resistance, with an edge that is individually ground and honed to the ultimate edge. Handles offer a soft-touch textured grip, which seals directly to the blade so there isn’t a gap where blood evidence (ahem I mean bacteria) can collect. (You wouldn’t want to get caught sick, now would you?) Dexter DouGlide knives are made in the USA and come with an Ease-of-Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

Dexter DuoGlide Kitchen Knife

8″ DuoGlide All-purpose Chef’s Knife

The All-Purpose Chef’s Knife is an essential tool you’ll use every day. Whether used for cutting, slicing, or worked in a rocking motion for chopping, the unique design makes this your go-to knife for ease and versatility.

7 ½” DuoGlide Bread/Slicer

This knife provides an easy, safe, and comfortable way to slice sandwiches, bread, tomatoes and other vegetables as well as fruits. The blade’s edge features specially designed scallops that form super sharp cutting edges. The cutting points help retain the knife’s sharpness.

5″ DuoGlide Utility Knife

With a wide blade that enhances control, the Duo Glide 5″ Utility Knife is perfect for small jobs that used to seem monumental. It’s ideal for slicing, dicing, and chopping parsley, vegetables, fruit, and other ingredients.

3 ⅜” DuoGlide Paring Knife

The paring knife is a staple in every kitchen. It has a sharp, precision-ground, extra-wide blade that will easily cut through any material. It’s made from high-carbon stainless steel, so the cutting edge will retain its sharpness.

Dexter DuoGlide Paring Knife

Order Dexter DuoGlide Knives from Choose between an 8″ chef’s knife, 5″ min chef’s knife, 7.5″ bread knife, and a 3″ paring knife, or order them all to make a complete collection. Current prices for these knives on range from $19.95 (for the paring knife) up to $38.32 (for the 8″ chef’s knife).

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