Dexter Kill Uniform Shirt and Apron

Dexter Uniform Costume Kill Shirt

This past week we’ve seen a lot of cool Dexter Merchandise, but what about those that want to look like him? Whether you want a Dexter costume, something awesome to wear to a viewing party, or simply want to stay warm in the winter and keep food splatter off you while you cook, you need the Dexter Kill Uniform Shirt and Apron.

With one of these thermal shirts, you can dress like Dexter when he is out on the hunt. Add in the black vinyl apron, and you can share the same look as when he finishes off a victim. These are perfect for a Dexter halloween costume, but you can wear one of these thermal shirts all the time. For instance, you can wear a Dexter kill outfit whenever you want to look a bit more menacing walking down the street, and you can wear the apron when cooking or cleaning to keep the splatter off your clothes.

Dexter Kill Uniform Shirt

With a Kill Uniform Dexter thermal shirt for men, you can dress like your favorite criminologist when he carries out his deadly hobby. Worn by the blood spatter analyst/serial killer himself on the show, the shirt will make you feel a bit of sinister empowerment every time you pull it over your head. The thermal Dexter kill shirt is made of 100% cotton by American Apparel and has a Dexter logo embroidered on the sleeve cuff.

Dexter Kill Shirt

Dexter is meticulous. Everything has to be just so, which frequently involves an inordinate amount of Saran Wrap. And so we were elated when we found this shirt, which we’re naming Dexter’s Kill Shirt, because its look is just so. It’s the same fabric as the shirt Dexter wears for all his kills. It’s the same color as that shirt. And it fits just like Dexter’s shirt does, provided you’re built like Michael C. Hall. If you’re not, your mileage may vary.

Lumen Kill Shirt from Dexter

With a Dexter thermal shirt resembling Lumen’s kill uniform, you can dress like Dexter’s partner in crime in season 5. Worn by Lumen herself when she joined Dexter doing his dark deed, the unobtrusive shirt will keep you covered on chilly nights. The Navy blue uniform Dexter shirt by American Apparel has a red Dexter logo embroidered on a sleeve cuff, is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, and comes in unisex sizes small through XL.

Dexter Apron

This Dexter vinyl apron is sure to keep you clean in any situation where things may get a little messy. Dexter’s work as a blood spatter analyst never fails to offer new temptations that appeal to his offbeat sense of justice and this apron with an adjustable neck strap would come in handy when his Dark Passenger rules the night. A Dexter apron helps you stay clean and methodically meticulous, so as to avoid leaving suspicious evidence of the crime, just like your favorite serial killer.

Dexter Vinyl Apron Costume

For the Marinara Splatter Expert in your life, might we recommend a Dexter Apron? This black vinyl apron will keep you clean whether you’re slicing up a bushel of tomatoes, a chicken carcass, or a serial killer. An adjustable neck strap ensures that all your vital body parts are covered. Be meticulously clean while you methodically follow your favorite recipes and leave no evidence that you were ever slaving away in the kitchen.

Order the Official Dexter Kill Uniform Thermal Shirt for $34.95 at SHO Store. Women will want to check out the Lumen Kill Uniform Thermal Shirt, which is also $34.95 at the Showtime Store. Both of these have the Dexter logo embroidered on the cuff.

At you can order what they call Dexter’s Kill Shirt for $24.99, and it is the same fabric and color as the one worn by Michael C. Hall on the show.  Shirts that look like the Dexter Kill Shirt are available for $18.50 at None of these have the logo embroidery.

If you’re looking to complete a Dexter costume, you can order the Vinyl Apron with the show’s logo for $29.95 at SHO Store. At their Dexter Apron is only $19.95 and it also features the logo. It seems to be the better choice, since its longer length matches the costume better. If you want a costume that better matches what Michael C. Hall actually wears on the show (i.e. it doesn’t have a Dexter logo on it), try this Black Vinyl Apron for $18.99 at

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