Dexter Syringe Pen

Dexter Syringe Pens

In honor of the Dexter Season 6 finale coming up this Sunday (Dec 18), we’ve been posting about Dexter Products all week. Yesterday we had Dexter Bobble Heads and the other day we had on of my favorites, the Dexter Blood Spatter Coasters. Today we have another of my favorites, the Dexter Syringe Pens.

These are functioning pens that look like the syringes Dexter’s uses to tranquilize his victims, and a great collectible for true fans. The red liquid inside these syringes won’t immobilize anyone (and may look more like blood than M99 tranquilizer), but the color sure makes these stand out. Plus the red color seems very appropriate for Dexter merchandise, after all he is a blood loving forensic analyst / serial killer.

Dexter Syringe Pen

With your own Dexter syringe pen, you can play serial killer whenever you want! Sure it’s actually filled with boring old ink, but who says you can’t pretend it works just like Dexter’s indispensible immobilizing tool on the hit series all about Miami’s favorite part-time serial killer? The Dexter pen shaped like Dexter Morgan’s syringe is sure to inject lots of fun into your work day.

Order a Dexter Syringe Pen for only $4.95 or a Set of Four for $19.80 from SHO Store.

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