Dexter Heat Changing Mug

Dexter Heat Changing Mug

The season finale of the Showtime hit Dexter is coming on December 18, 2011. I’m a big fan of this TV series, so this week is (unofficially) Dexter Week here on Each day until the Dexter Season 6 finale I’ll post a cool Dexter product, starting with this Dexter Heat Changing Mug.

You may remember that we posted about another Heat Sensitive Dexter Mug a while back. If you’re a huge fan of Michael C. Hall, you may prefer that coffee cup, but I like this new one better. When cold it is plain black with a white Dexter logo. Just pour in some coffee or other hot beverage to reveal a blood spatter.

This Dexter mug is sensitive to heat and truly embodies the spirit of Dexter Morgan, unassuming blood-spatter expert by day and your favorite serial killer by night. When cold, the 11 oz mug keeps a low profile in black with a simple white Dexter logo; but as the heat rises, this clever mug exposes its true identity, turning white and revealing a telling bloodstain. With the Dexter heat sensitive mug on your desk you can show everyone you’re a fan who really gets it.

Order the Dexter Heat Sensitive Mug for $16.95 at the SHO Store.

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