Modify Interchangeable Watches

Modify Watches

You modify or change your wardrobe everyday (at least most of us do), so why not change your watch? Your timepiece is a big statement to who you are and you should be able to change it depending on the situation. While at work you might need a classic looking watch, and after hours might require something with a little more flare! Domo anyone?

The Modify Interchangeable Watches are designed with that creativity and utility at heart, all while maintaining a very affordable cost to the consumer by using interchangeable parts. Why buy an entirely new watch when you can just swap out the face or wristband?

These watches are perfect for all situations and age groups. Choose from fun themed watches like Domo, classic one color faces, or even polka dot faced watches. With over 10 faces and 11 straps to choose from, the combinations are staggering and you can even choose between “Mini” for thin wrists and “Classic” for normal sized wrists.

Modify Interchangeable Watches

You may never have to take your Modify Watch off as they are water resistant and cool in all situations.

Modify Domo Watch

If you like to party, you may want to choose Domo as your party partner, or maybe purchase a kit and customize your watch on a daily basis.

Modify Water Resistant Watches

Modify Watches start as low as $40 for your own buildable design and you can purchase kits so you have interchangeable parts at your disposal anytime you feel like a change. To learn more go to Modify Watches.

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