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Modify Watches

The other week GeekAlerts came across the Modify Interchangeable Watches and the concept and product sounded really cool. Why spend tons of money buying new watches for different occasions when you can just modify them. Modify Watch really took this idea of interchangeable parts and ran with it. They have a ton of combinations available, anything from mild to pretty wild. They know some people can’t live without a watch and with their watches you won’t have to. Start the day off with a classic face and deign so not to show your coworkers the “other side” of you. Then turn up the excitement by changing the face or wristband for a night out with friends.

Modify Watch was nice enough to send us two “Mini Styled” (pictured) watches for our Modify Watch Review and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and texture of the products. I’ve seen silicone watches before and wasn’t thrilled with the feel or fit of them. Modify Watches are different. The wrist band is made from uv-coated silicone and as a very soft feel to it. Several of our writers were really impressed by this and it stood out because not only did it feel good to the touch, but it also felt good when you were wearing it. They felt so good in fact, that this LEGO Star Wars Bomb Squad Trooper minifigure had to come see what all the commotion was about…He also serves as a nice size reference for all of you that are familiar with LEGO minfigures.

Blue Modify Watch

The idea behind their company is simplistic and perfect for today’s creative population. You can either start with a set of watches or build the perfect watch from the ground up. Pick you wristband size and color, and then choose the style of face you want. The faces are made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant PC and are water resistant to 3ATM. We found it very easy to configure the watches and can see why this idea would be very catchy. Everyone likes to have new stuff and the Modify Watch allows you to create a new looking watch for any occasion..

Modify Watch Configuration

I know people always want to know about quality and value, especially in today’s economy, so here it is. The watches start at $40 ($15 for band, $25 for face) and from our limited time with them, seem to be very durable. Personally I feel $40 for a watch that is fun, water resistant, and feels really comfortable, is a good value. I have seen other bands of silicone watches on the market that sell for a lot more and I don’t feel they offer the same comfort and fit as the Modify Watch does. Take a look at the Modify Watch website to learn more and see what designs are right for your lifestyle.

Modify Watch

We just couldn’t resist putting in another photo of the Modify Watch and this Star Wars Ahsoka Tano minifigure just happened to find its way into the shot. Kind of like that stranger that gets into your vacation photos.

Modify Watch Specifications:

  • 2 Sizes: Big and Bigger! Mini and Classic if you need to get technical…
  • Water resistant to 3ATM (go swimming)
  • Made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant PC
  • Lower profile on your wrist
  • More protective and uv-coated silicone strap
  • Smothered by Modify branding

GeekAlerts recommends that you take a look at the Modify Watch website and see what they have to offer. Modify has classic looking watches, themed watches, and are working on new designs as I type.

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