Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers

Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers

Remember when Stormtroopers where the laughing stock of the Star Wars universe…you should since it was only yesterday. Even with their lasers, they were no match for the Rebels, Han Solo, Chewbacca, or Luke Skywalker. Did you ever think that maybe all that armor was just too heavy? Apparently four engineers from San Diego Composites might have thought just that when they decided to make Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers. No one is laughing now!

San Diego Composites Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers

Leonard Carson and three of his Star Wars loving coworkers proudly show off enough carbon fiber to make a collection of Lamborghini owners jealous.

Stormtrooper Carbon Fiber Helmet

What started as a Star Wars fan’s dream turned into reality when the president of their company gave them the green light to create these Stormtrooper suits. It took a lot of planning and carbon fiber, leaving us to believe that mentioning the final cost would only diminish from their actual feat of greatness. Let’s just say you probably won’t see these suits at Walmart anytime soon.

Star Wars Custom Carbon Fiber Suit

Pushing that tractor beam button all day is hard work. Even these guys need a break.

Stormtrooper Carbon Fiber Custom Suit

The Stormtrooper outfits came out so well, the president of San Diego composites said he wanted to display them in the lobby. Sounds like a road trip well worth taking!

Carbon Fiber Star Wars Stormtroopers

Here’s to Jon Blackler, Kevin Proum, Len Carson, Daniel Avina and to their creative genius that lead to them actually pull this project off. Read more about these carbon fiber stormtrooper suits at Carbon Fiber Gear.

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