Stormtrooper Leather Motorcycle Suit

Stormtrooper Leather Motorcycle Suit

Every Star Wars fan out there young and old, has dreamed of what it would be like to be a Jedi. Being one with the Force, carrying Yoda on your back, and striking down the occasional Wampa with your lightsaber. All good stuff, but you can’t just start at the top. You have to work your way up, even if that means playing for the other team…some good old fashioned reconnaissance!

GeeekAlerts has just thing to bring your Star Wars fantasies to a reality. Several weeks ago GeekAlerts showed you the Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers and we know that was kind of a tease, since you can’t purchase them. Well, now you have your chance to get a Stormtrooper suit that is super cool looking and functional. The Stormtrooper Leather Motorcycle Suit comes in your choice of traditional Imperial Stormtrooper white and in Shadow Trooper black.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit

These Stormtrooper suits come complete with built-in CE-approved body armor which won’t help you much against a Jedi, but it will protect you from the occasional motorcycle crash. You can purchase this motorcycle suit as a complete set or purchase the pants, jacket, boots, and gloves separately.

Stormtrooper Leather Suit

  • Incredible detail, features never seen before. Raised rib detailing on the sleeves, shoulders, legs, torso and midsection perfectly replicating the look of rigid armor.
  • Star Wars Motorcycle Stormtrooper Suit

  • Adjustable forearms, biceps, thighs and shin leather armor allow for a personalized ‘custom’ body fit.
  • Waist belt is part of the jacket and not removable. Cleverly hidden is the main front zipper which has 3 main access points providing function, while allowing the main torso armor to be uncompromised and true to what was seen on screen.
  • Jacket and Pants zip together at the waist essentially converting this to a one-piece body suit. Snap buttons on the cuffs and wrist zippers.
  • Removable quilted cotton lining. Made from grade-A cowhide.
  • CE-approved body armor in the shoulders, forearms/elbow, back spine protector, thighs and knee/shin armor is standard for riders but is easily removed for day-to-day wear.

You can purchase this amazing Stormtrooper Leather Motorcycle Suit from UD Replicas for $1,165 CDN. It looks like these suits are limited edition and only 500 will be made, so you better act fast to get yours.

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