Tron & Rinzler Light Sensitive Motorcycle Suits

Tron & Rinzler Light Sensitive Motorcycle Suits

If you’re going to hit the Grid on the street-legal, illuminated Tron Light Cycle, no ordinary motorcycle gear will do. To do your ride justice (and the film Tron: Legacy) there’s only one way it can be accomplished, and that’s to wear the Tron or Rinzler Light Sensitive Motorcycle Suit.

From UD Replicas comes this ultra-sophisticated motorcycle suit that protects your body with strong materials such as 100% grade A cow hide and Kevlar on the palms of the illuminating gloves. The suit also lets you become your favorite Tron character, which is the ultimate idea. The reflectors embedded throughout the suit will have you glowing as if you’ve been hijacked into the system.

Just one look at this get-up and you can be certain that it’s been assembled with fine craftsmanship and detailing. Stretch spandex is incorporated to facilitate body movement and provide comfort, while heavy duty molded rubber covers elbows, knees, and shoulder in case of high-impact. The 3D hexagon print adds texture and enhances the suit’s futuristic effect.

Disney Tron Motorcycle Suit

  • Removable CE Approved Body Armor in Forearms/Elbows, Shoulders and Full Back Spine Protector.
  • Extreme Form Molded Leather Detailing, effectively replicating both the RINZLER and TRON suit as seen on film. This includes the form molded Identity Disk on the back of the jacket. (Not Removable)
  • Injection Molded Rubber Elbow and Forearm Protective Armor. Beveled details as seen on screen. (Not Removable)
  • Extremely Light Sensitive Reflective Details. The smallest amount of light will trigger an incredibly bright glowing effect.
  • Red/Orange = RINZLER…White = TRON
  • Heavy Duty Stretch Spandex Inserts.
  • Silicone 3D Hexagon Print.
  • Removable Interior Quilted Vest.
  • 100% Grade A Cow Hide.

Of course, you’ll be looking tough from the back side too as your identity disc practically blinds random gawkers when light sets it off. Be prepared for double takes and kids asking for autographs. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pull any double disc stunts by means of the Rinzler suit. The disc on the Tron suit is also strictly there for looks.

To order your Tron or Rinzler Light Sensitive Motorcycle Suit visit UD Replicas and purchase by the end of January, which is when the sale closes. The entire suit costs $1,304 CDN, or you can buy the gloves, jacket, pants or boots separately. The helmet seen in the photos is not for sale.

As if things couldn’t get any better, you’d be pleased to know that UD Replicas also produces The Dark Knight Batman Motorcycle Suit and Stormtrooper Leather Motorcycle Suit.

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