Electric Motorized Gyro Cycle

February 9, 2018 James Kelly 0

Are you a thrill seeker looking for something different? This Motorized Gyro Cycle should do the trick. Powered by a 2,000-watt electric motor, this one-wheeled self-balancing scooter can reach a max speed of 10 mph and provide hours of fun. The switchable riding modes allow […]


Wonder Woman Ladies’ Moto Jacket

June 30, 2017 Conner Flynn 0

This Wonder Woman Ladies’ Moto Jacket is an asymmetrical full-zip motorcycle-style jacket that looks amazing. It has an appliqued Wonder Woman logo and epaulets. Now this is the jacket of a warrior Princess and a hero. Wear it with pride ladies. Wonder Woman Ladies’ Moto […]

Halo Master Chief Limited Edition Motorcycle Helmet Replica

Halo Master Chief Limited Edition Motorcycle Helmet

April 11, 2015 Conner Flynn 0

Now you can look just like Master Chief from the Halo games when you ride your motorcycle thanks to this Halo Master Chief Limited Edition Motorcycle Helmet Replica. This helmet meets DOT standards and has an eyeglass friendly interior. This detailed replica of Master Chief’s […]


DC Comics Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn Statue

March 20, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Rev up your Harley and get ready to ride because the DC Comics Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn Statue is ready to tear up the streets. The second statue in the Gotham City Garage collection (Catwoman was the first), this 15-inch long x 8 1/2-inch […]


Comic Book Character Motorcycle Helmets

February 24, 2015 Marty Shaw 1

Become your favorite superhero or villain whenever you pull on one of these Comic Book Character Motorcycle Helmets… and you don’t really even need a motorcycle because the awesome paint job is reason enough to want one of these. No matter who you want to […]


Leather Steampunk Trooper Motorcycle Mask

February 6, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

You might not be racing a speeder bike through the forest of Endor but you can still feel like a Stormtrooper with the Leather Steampunk Trooper Motorcycle Mask. Nothing beats the experience of wind-burned cheeks or picking bugs out of your teeth after cruising down […]


Judge Dredd Lawmaster Statue

November 26, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Mega-City One is vulnerable because the toughest cop of the future is chilling out with you on the Judge Dredd Lawmaster Statue. Batman might have a belt and cave filled with goodies but he’s not the only person who fights crime with an astounding arsenal […]

Gotham City Garage Catwoman Statue

Gotham City Garage Catwoman Statue

January 8, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Selina Kyle gets a biker-babe makeover with the Gotham City Garage Catwoman Statue, offering a unique look for Batman’s sometimes-friend/sometimes-foe. If, for whatever strange reason, you’re a little shy about decorating your home with comic book collectibles, this piece is a great way to start […]

Batman Begins Leather Jacket NOMEX Pre-Suit Replica with Bat Logo

Batman Begins Nomex Leather Motorcycle Suit

August 5, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

Look just like the Dark Knight with this Batman Begins Leather Jacket NOMEX Pre-Suit Replica with Bat Logo. This is an officially licensed leather replica of the Wayne Enterprises NOMEX Survival Suit for Advanced Infantry and it includes removable CE approved body armor for motorcycle […]

Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

July 31, 2013 Marty Shaw 0

Is it art? Is it a mean machine with wheels? The Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle is a little bit of both, although the creators of this awesome ride would prefer you look at it as art. The Dodge Tomahawk was introduced at the 2003 North American […]


Predator 2 Motorcycle Helmet

April 19, 2013 Marty Shaw 15

Get ready to release your inner intergalactic beast as you step up to your motorcycle and slip on the Predator 2 Motorcycle Helmet. The road becomes your hunting ground as you become a Predator of the highways and byways, forcing others to flee in terror […]

Captain America Motorcycle Suit

Captain America: The First Avenger Motorcycle Suit

August 18, 2012 Ryan Cooper 0

While you may not be able to perform daring feats like a superhero, you can look like one with this Captain America: The First Avenger Motorcycle Suit. This officially licensed, top-quality leather motorcycle suit is a detailed and impressive replica of the costume from the […]

Harley-Davidson Babe Wash Tin Sign

Harley-Davidson Babe Wash Tin Sign

April 20, 2012 Marty Shaw 1

Harley-Davidson and sexy women go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the Harley-Davidson Babe Wash Tin Sign lets you celebrate that eye-pleasing combination in classic, retro style. Manufactured by Ande Rooney, Inc under license from Harley-Davidson Motor Company, this sweet reproduction is a cool […]

Tron & Rinzler Light Sensitive Motorcycle Suits

Tron & Rinzler Light Sensitive Motorcycle Suits

January 3, 2012 Patra Beaulieu 1

If you’re going to hit the Grid on the street-legal, illuminated Tron Light Cycle, no ordinary motorcycle gear will do. To do your ride justice (and the film Tron: Legacy) there’s only one way it can be accomplished, and that’s to wear the Tron or Rinzler Light Sensitive Motorcycle […]

The Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

The Dark Knight Batman Motorcycle Suit

December 19, 2011 James Kelly 0

GeekAlerts has shown you some pretty cool motorcycles (UNO III Streetbike Transformer, Tron Light Cycle) in the past, but what you really need to stand out is the right motorcycle suit. Star Wars fans get to live out their dreams with the Leather Stormtrooper Suit […]


Stormtrooper Leather Motorcycle Suit

December 8, 2011 James Kelly 0

Every Star Wars fan out there young and old, has dreamed of what it would be like to be a Jedi. Being one with the Force, carrying Yoda on your back, and striking down the occasional Wampa with your lightsaber. All good stuff, but you […]

UClear HBC100 Helmet Communicator

UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

November 18, 2011 James Scott 1

Wearing a motorcycle helmet can seriously interfere with communications, unless you have the UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator. Between the wind whipping by and the roar of the engine, a typical wireless headset would be worthless. However, the UClear HBC 100 uses proven military technology […]