BioMetal Fiber Walking Robot Inchworm

BioMetal Fiber Walking Robot Inchworm

A little simple fun, along with some cool ohhh-ahhh mechanics, can be had with the BioMetal Fiber Walking Robot Inchworm, and this little toy could possibly pave the way for bigger and more awesome projects for those that expand on the principles.

On the surface, a little robot scooting across the floor or table might not seem like a big deal, but the beauty is in what makes this baby work. Forget about gears and complicated wiring. The Inchworm works with just a spring, one strand of Biometal fiber, and a little electric current.

Robot Inchworm

Add a little electric zing to the Biometal fiber and it contracts, pulling the tiny feet apart. Cut the current and the fiber expands, making the feet come back together. Keep the flow-no-flow rhythm going and you have a soldier marching across your solid surface. It’s a simple concept that could eventually lead to better prosthetics for people that are missing limbs all the way to androids that do our housework of us… until they revolt and overthrow mankind because you threw way the blender that was on the fritz. How were you supposed to know the two had something romantic going on?

Robot domination might sadly still be a few years away but you can own the BioMetal Fiber Walking Robot Inchworm now for just $29.99 from

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