Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives

Ka-Bar Zombie Killing Knives

Ask anyone that knows about knives and they will tell you Ka-Bar is an excellent knife manufacturer, and with all this talk about the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse, you might as well arm yourself with one…or four of them. Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives come in four zombie stopping blade styles: the Death Dagger, the Famine Tanto, the Pestilence Chopper and the faithful War Sword.

Each bade features a durable nylon sheath with belt loop and accessory pouch, a black scale handle with extra mounting hardware, 9 feet of zombie green paracord, and a backup knife with 3 1/4 inch blade for when you need do some signature carving.

Ka-Bar Zombie Knives

  • Death. It starts with death. The plague will spread, killing people all around the world. There’s nothing the scientists of the world can do before hundreds of thousands of people succumb to the sickness.
  • Famine. With no one to tend the fields, slaughter the bacon cheeseburger animals, or bake the bread, we’ll soon be surviving on Twinkies and SnoBalls and fighting off scurvy once we run out of orange juice.
  • Pestilence. You know what happens when you don’t have enough uninfected people around to bury the bodies of the infected people? Yeah.
  • War. And then it happens. The dead rise, and your life is in danger from something far more sinister than scurvy

Zombie Killing Knives

The included nylon sheath ensures that you can have your blade strapped to you at all times. In the battle against the zombie hordes there will be a time when silence is important and firing off several rounds from your shotgun won’t be an option. When that time comes, you’re going to wish you had a dependable blade capable of severing limbs and silent zombie decapitations.

Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives

  • Death Dagger: Weight: 0.75 lb, Fixed Blade, 8-1/2″ (blade), 13-7/8″ (overall), Edge Angles: 20 degrees, Grind: Taper
  • Famine Tanto: Weight: 0.95 lb, Fixed Blade, 7-5/8″ (blade), 13-1/8″ (overall), Edge Angles: 20 degrees, Grind: Taper
  • Pestilence Chopper; Weight: 1.00 lb, Fixed Blade, 10-1/4″ (blade), 15-3/4″ (overall), Edge Angles: 20 degrees, Grind: Taper
  • War Sword: Weight: 1.00 lb, Fixed Blade, 9-3/4″ (blade), 15-1/8″ (overall), Edge Angles: 20 degrees, Grind: Taper

You can purchase the Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives at ThinkGeek for $59.99 each or as a total package for $209.99. You can also find them on Amazon.com.

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  1. I’ve got one of the smaller folding knives from this line, and use it at work for cutting straps and cordage. Works like a champ!

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