Zombie Combat Manual

Zombie Combat Manual

How many of your really think a zombie apocalypse is inevitable? Probably only a few of you, but it will be those few that are prepared and will watch as the rest of you are served up as breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the undead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. GeekAlerts has been showing you books like the Zombie Survival Guide, 501 Things to do with a Zombie, and How To Speak Zombie, all so you can save your own hide. Heck, we even figured a few of you would have to be sacrificial lambs so we included the So Now You’re a Zombie Book; just so you could have some fun in your zombie afterlife.

It is now 2012 and this Zombie Combat Manual by Roger Ma may be your last shot at saving yourself and anyone you think worthy. You can read between the lines can’t you? Little pieces of evidence are everywhere. You just need to train yourself to find them and then you will find the truth…While training your eyes to see what is really out there, we recommend you also train your body.

Filled will pages of combat moves, weapons, fighting techniques, and overall survival strategies, the Zombie Combat Guide should be on your read list for 2012. If you want to learn how to chop off a zombie heads, this 310 page book has you covered.

Zombie Combat Book

Do you remember the first four rules from the movie Zombieland? Just in case, here’s a refresher that will go nicely with the info you learn in this book.

  • Cardio
  • The Double Tap
  • Beware of Bathrooms
  • Wear Seat Belts
  • All four of those basic principles could help save your life one day…Zombies or no zombies.

    Zombie Combat Club Manual

    Don’t be lunch for some everyday zombie. Learn the skills you need to survive and even have some fun with what probably means the end of civilization as we know it. You can purchase the Zombie Combat Manual at ThinkGeek for $14.99 and at Amazon.com from $7.39.

    You can learn more about this book and the survival techniques enclosed at Zombiecombatclub.com.

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