How To Speak Zombie

How To Speak Zombie Guide Book

Halloween is coming up, and if you’re thinking about dressing up as a zombie this year, then you definitely need to add this volume to your library: How To Speak Zombie. I mean, if you’ve already geared up with the Plush Zombie HatPlush Zombie Slippers, and tote the Zombie Monkey Plush around, then you might as well learn how to speak their language, right? Right.

The cool part about How To Speak Zombie is that it’s also got a tiny electronic sound module at the bottom right of the page to help you with your zombie pronunciation. It’s definitely a fun book to go over with your kids (or even alone) this Halloween.

How To Speak Zombie

How To Speak Zombie

This helpful and instructive book has built-in audio to take you step by step through your Zombie ABCs – the electronic sound module helping you to perfect not only your spelling, but pronunciation too. With helpful asides and handy illustrations it also sheds light on etiquette and customs for life after an invasion. Where zombies like to go out, exercise, or just relax after a hard day of shambling about. It’s all here in black, white (and a bit of red).Altogether… ‘Grrrr! Arrrrg!’.
  • 12 page board book on how to speak zombie
  • Great for zombie fans of all ages
  • Includes sound effects for proper pronunciation

The How To Speak Zombie book is available from Firebox for £9.99 ($15.) It is also available from Neatoshop and

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