Text Speak Mugs

Text Speak Mugs

Back when I wasn’t as into instant messaging and chatting, (or rather, back when I was still more of a noob), I always used to find it puzzling whenever I saw or heard people use “lol” or “rofl” or “lmao.” They definitely don’t make any sense and they’re not words, obviously. It was only when I did a quick search on Google (and eventually logged on to chat networks more) that I finally understood what they all stand for. So to celebrate, I’m getting myself one of these Text Speak Mugs.

The Text Speak Mugs feature four different expressions: WTF, OMG, LMAO, and LOL. Express yourself and take your pick.

The Tetris Heat Changing Mug and Cupcake Mug are also pretty cool mugs, too, if you prefer something without words.

Text Speak Mugs

Are you one of those people who just can’t stop using acronyms? Is every exclamation just too long to utter? Well stop right where you are – the Text Speak Mug is just for you! Text speak is gradually finding a home in email and even full blown conversation (yes, we actually heard someone say “OMG” the other day).

Whereas some might feel that text speak is wrecking the English language, we like to look at it as a result of technology integrating into our lives. Love it or hate it, text speak is everywhere. Its objective is simple: to use the least amount of characters to convey a message or emotion.

These Text Speak Mugs are available from Red5 for £3.95 ($7.)

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