Alt Mugs: Mugs that Aren’t for Coffee

Coffee mugs aren’t just for coffee anymore and these aren’t quite not normal coffee mugs. The Alt Mugs: Mugs that Aren’t for Coffee are for all those other activities that you usully end up doing with your daily coffee mug.

These Alt Mugs: Mugs that Aren’t for Coffee will be a huge hit at the office, I guarantee you that. Who doesn’t love seeing their favorite thing in the office transform into various forms to accommodate a whole bunch of other uses? Like a coin bank. Or a practice hole for golf. Or a milk jug. Or an ash tray. You can have the four mugs lining up on your desk and you’d still need another one to actually drink your coffee out of.

Alt Mugs -Mugs that Aren't for Coffee

Alt Mugs: Mugs that Aren’t for Coffee

Each of these mugs has an unusual function. That is to say, they’re useful for something other than drinking coffee or tea. There are 4 different models: piggy bank, milk jug, ash tray and golf practice mug.

So, if you feel like playing golf in the office, or you want to smoke a cigarette, or you need a new piggy bank or milk jug, these mugs are the perfect solution.

Plus, thanks to their minimalist design, they’ll blend in perfectly with your finest dinnerware (especially the milk jug). A new twist on traditional coffee and tea mugs!

Each of these Alt Mugs: Mugs that Aren’t for Coffee are available from Curiosite for $13.35.

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