Arcade Game Piggy Bank

Arcade Game Piggy Bank

Saving money is fun if you have the Arcade Game Piggy Bank. This piggy bank is styled with the retro look of the Space Invaders arcade game, and includes a playable video game clearly based on the classic. It is battery powered, stands about 6 inches tall, and you insert a coin into the bank to play.

Arcade Money BankBank

“Space Invaders” Arcade Piggy Bank

The little pay to play Arcade Money Bank is a great way to make savings more fun! Simply insert a coin into the slot and you’ll get 2 minutes of retro gaming action with the classic “Alien Invasion.” You’ll have plenty of time to play though – when you have just 30 seconds of arcade gaming left, the money box will sound an alarm so you can insert another coin for a longer game!

Space Invaders Bank

Arcade Money BankBank

  • Cool retro arcade design
  • Insert a coin to get 2 minutes of play time
  • A great way to get kids saving money

The Arcade Money Bank is available for £6 at Red5. It is also available for $9.95 at

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  1. If you think of it, we spend money to play video games and arcades. I guess this is something worth buying. However, can we save a lot with this piggy bank?

    With 2 minutes of playing time, kids might get hooked enough to play more of this game.

    I also see a guy’s hand dropping a coin and it looks like this can only hold about a hundred coins at max.

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