Space Invaders x 4

Space Invaders x 4

It’s been almost 30 years since the arcade version of Space Invaders came out, and the classic video game is still often used as a design inspiration for new products. Here are four great examples of this:

 Space Invaders Keychain

Space Invaders Keychain (Update: Link removed because site is gone)

The invaders are coming to destroy Earth! Blast into the past with this unique mini-arcade game, complete with its own color screen, new from Excalibur. Take your intergalactic wars everywhere you go with this ultra-portable model! Lid closes to protect the color screen.

Space Ringz

Space Ringz (Update: Link removed because site is gone)

Rings created by the italian jewelry designer Toy Me Milano. All items are handmade 925 Silver with a Rhodium plating

Space Invaders Tote & Wallet

Space Invaders 30th Anniversary Luggage Collection

Taito, the Japanese company behind the game, celebrates the 30th anniversary by releasing a collection of Space Invaders themed bags and related accessories.

Knitted Space Invaders

Knitted Space Invaders

I’ve always been a fan of the street artist ‘Invader‘. I like the way he uses an existing form and gives it another meaning. He takes the main characters from the 1978 arcade video game ‘Space Invaders‘, turns them into mozaiques and then sticks them onto walls all over the world. So cool, so fun, such a friendly form of street art! Love it, love it, love it!

And so I thought it might be cool if the invaders took over the world one step further, this time ‘knitty style’. So I designed knitted Space Invaders.


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