Paint Can Pinhole Camera

Paint Can Pinhole Camera

Got some thieving carpenters? Have you started noticing that you’re missing some supplies in your garage? Catch the bad guys red yellow handed by putting this Paint Can Pinhole Camera among the stash of stuff in your garage.

Just set the Paint Can Pinhole Camera on the floor with the camera facing the area where the goods are, and start filming. Review the video the next day and see if you’ve managed to record some evidence to charge the culprit with. If you prefer building your own camera, then you can opt to get the Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera instead and stick it into any other paint can or box inside your garage.

Paint Can Pinhole Camera

You don’t need a complicated camera to take photographs, you can take original snapshots using a simple aluminum can.
This (empty) paint can is a pinhole camera ready to take pictures as soon as you take it out of the box. It has a tiny 0.5 mm hole and a mechanical shutter, all you have to do is put a sheet of photographic paper(not included) inside and wait for the camera to print the image on it.
This pinhole camera has several special characteristics: it’s shaped like a can, the bottom is cylindrical rather than flat, and it has a longer exposure time than a normal camera does.

The Paint Can Pinhole Camera is available from Curiosite for $19.79.

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