Bare Paint Conductive Paint

Bare Paint Conductive Paint

The Bare Paint Conductive Paint is a fun way to get your kid interested in electric circuits. In fact, I’m no longer a kid myself and I find myself strangely drawn into the science of circuits because of this paint. Just get a piece of board, paint on some of this paint, and perform all sorts of experiments without the wires…Or at least, with less of them anyway.

You can even paint on layers of the Bare Paint Conductive Paint to create overlapping circuits. Pretty cool, eh?

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Bare Paint Conductive Paint

Bare Paint Conductive Paint

Bare Paint Conductive Paint is just what the name implies: conductive paint. You can paint it onto walls, floors, any surface (except skin) and it will conduct electricity. From there, your imagination is the limit for what you can make. And get this: you can (once it’s dry) paint over Bare Paint Conductive Paint to help it blend in to the surface it’s on. AND, you can then add a new layer of Bare Paint Conductive Paint and the two layers won’t interact (giving you the power of overlapping circuits).

  • Electrically conductive paint for painting circuits onto things.
  • Yeah, you read that right: the paint becomes part of the circuit.
  • Water based, nontoxic, and dries at room temperature.

The Bare Paint Conductive Paint is available from ThinkGeek for $29.99.

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