Paint By Numbers Toilet Paper

Paint By Numbers Toilet Paper

You know how you’re in the bathroom, doing your thing, and you’re just so bored because it’s taking a longer time than usual? You can do what most people do, which is read the labels off the back of toiletry and bath products in close proximity. Or you could get creative and get coloring on the Paint By Numbers Toilet Paper.

The concept of a Paint By Numbers Toilet Paper sounds gross, right? Specially if you look more closely and notice that numbers 1 to 5 are all marked for the color brown. Fret now, however, because these rolls are just part of an advertising campaign run by Australia-based brand Crumpler.

Crumpler will be putting a hundred thousand of these rolls of Paint By Numbers Toilet Paper into random bathrooms all over the world. What do you think about their ad strategy: way up there or down in the dumps?

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