Asses of Evil Toilet Paper

Asses of Evil Toilet Paper

There are just some people who came into this world with nothing but bad or messed up intentions that just can’t be understood. Those people who have caused much pain to others, unnecessary deaths, and brought about countless wars deserve a dirty wiping on your behind after you’ve done a good old number two, care of the Asses of Evil Toilet Paper.

The Asses of Evil Toilet Paper is one novelty roll of toilet paper that’s a parody of sorts. The real names of the bad guys are disguised, of course, but they’re so notoriously well-known that it’s easy to decipher and guess who’s the real person behind the fake name. Add this roll beside the Emergency Toilet Paper and Alien Toilet Paper that’s probably already inside your cabinet.

Asses of Evil Toilet Paper

This classy Toilet Paper has all the world?s most diabolical criminal warlords, all of which just happen to be more than a couple doses of crazy. Among the group you?ll find: Osama Ben Hidden, Sodamn Insane, Katami Got-Yurtong, Yessir Ara-fathead, and Him Junk-ill. These Evil Asses believe themselves to be excellent at wiping away things and your butt is no exception. Let them clean up your bombs and debris. As punishment for creating so many messes, it’s time they clean up together. It’s your turn to help the world find peace even if it means using your Asses.

The Asses of Evil Toilet Paper is available from for $8.99 a roll.

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