Emergency Toilet Paper

Emergency Toilet Paper

Some people I know find some sort of solace in their toilet, stuffing the tiny room with magazines, comic books, and even a television set (I have a friend who actually did this, much to his wife’s chagrin.) Some have aliens to keep them company (with the Alien Toilet Paper), others solve mazes while they’re in the loo (using the Maze Puzzle Novelty Toilet Paper), while others realize a tad too late that they were so busy putting in other means of entertainment into the room that they forgot to re-fill the empty toilet paper roll. That’s where the Emergency Toilet Paper comes in.

Printed with “Emergency” in bright red all over, the Emergency Toilet Paper comes in a appropriately-decorated box that you can break (or simply just tear open) in case of emergency. It’s the toilet paper that can trump all the other toilet paper rolls in town.

Emergency Toilet Paper

Emergency Toilet Paper

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re out of toilet paper just a few minutes too late. You can avoid this unpleasant plight by keeping some Emergency Toilet Paper on hand at all times.

To access this emergency roll of toilet paper, just break open the box. It’s a simple cardboard box with the message “In case of emergency, break glass” written on it, but don’t take this literally, what looks like glass is actually plastic and you won’t need a hammer to break it.

This very original idea is a fun way to keep a roll of emergency toilet paper stashed away in your bathroom at home or at the office.

The Emergency Toilet Paper is available from Curiosite for $9.80.

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