Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser

Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser

Getting annoyed at people using your bathroom and not replacing the toilet paper when they finish the whole roll? Getting grossed out by guests and friends asking to use your toilet and not flushing when they’re done? Then let them know what you feel and think about it by recording a message and putting the Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser to work.

“Don’t forget to flush!”
“Replace me if you finish the whole roll, okay?”
“Don’t forget to wipe your tush when you’re done!”

Those are just some of our the hilarious messages you can record on the Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser. Your message will ring out loud and clear once the toilet roll is pulled on, blaring out your reminder or subtle crack to your current bathroom occupant.

Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser

Somewhere at M.I.T. or IBM, an army of brilliant scientists dedicated their lives to inventing the microchip that powers the Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser. Oh sure, the microchips have also been used in things like computers and space shuttles. But we’re certain it’s the Talking TP Dispenser that makes them swell with pride.

The Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser is amazing — It allows you to record your own personal message that will be played every time someone pulls some paper off the roll. Your message can be rude, funny, musical, or — if you’re really twisted — romantic. You get 6 seconds of recording time, which is enough time to surprise anyone. It’s so funny they’ll drop their pants. (Which, now that we think of it, should already dropped.)

The Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser is available from for $15.99.

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