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Stupid.com Coupons

Stupid.comStupid.com Coupon Code

Why would a group with a reputation for intelligence want to visit a site named stupid.com? Because one of the marks of a fine mind is a good sense of humor, and at www.stupid.com, shoppers can uncover great ways to indulge the fun-loving sector of their brains. Gag gift lovers will find crazy and insane gifts to surprise and delight their fellow geeks.

Buy prank and joke supplies such as a cell phone ring simulator, prank foaming lighter, fake notice stickers, pens with prank logos, itch powder, a squirting camera, and the all-time classic whoopee cushion. Get your friends good with a talking toilet paper dispenser, prank ketchup, dribble glass, or toilet monster. Find just the right joke for just the right occasion with sections dedicated to senior pranks, baby shower gags, shocking pranks, and classic pranks.

In addition to great gag supplies, stupid.com also retails everything bacon, from bacon-flavored popcorn and spread to bacon-scented air fresheners and soap. Shop for toys, games, key chains, candy and treats, political humor, religious humor, goofy golf and sports equipment, funny hats, comical home décor, buttons, tattoos, Halloween gifts, and Christmas fun. If these jokes, pranks, and gags are not refined enough for you, you can click on the “Intellectual Stupidity” link for jokes that reference famous figures such as Sigmund Freud, William Shakespeare, and Mozart.

There’s even a special section of the website dedicated exclusively to “Geek Stuff.” There you can purchase iPhone app magnets, an amazing light show projector, USB flashlights, infinity watches, a Darth Vader Dashboard driver, nerd glasses, and the popular Geek Card Game. So whether you need a little zombie jerky for snack time or a mooning garden gnome to adorn your front lawn, you’ll find it at stupid.com.