CandyMan Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser

Candy Man Motion-Activated Dispenser

If you thought Garth’s licorice dispenser attached to the ceiling of that rockin’ Ford Pinto in ‘Wayne’s World’ was genius, wait till you get a load of this. The CandyMan Motion-Activated Automatic Candy Dispenser is an all-you-can-eat candy buffet without the unwanted nastiness of germs.

The dispenser holds a whopping 12.5 cups of candy, nuts or gumballs, and when you hold out your hand, in roll the goods. Its chrome-colored base and cap give it a nice sci-fi touch, while its egg-shaped container – cherry red on bottom and clear on top – puts the candy on display.

CandyMan Motion-Activated Automatic Candy Dispenser

The machine dispenses portions in three different settings: Small Handful, Large Handful, and Bowl. But you can call them whatever you want, like Tall, Grande and Ohhh Yeah!

Fill this up with a wide variety of your favorite treats including jelly beans, gum balls, M&M’s, and unsalted nuts. Works great for places like the office, where you share your treat with other cube-dwellers.

Automatic Candy Dispenser

You’ll need 4AA batteries to run this bad boy or an AC adapter. At $39.95 through, the CandyMan Motion-Activated Automatic Candy Dispenser is reasonably priced and has that gotta-have appeal. Imagine how nice it would be next to the water cooler or coffee machine in a corporate office. Beware of putting it in your cubicle, because it’d attract unwanted visitors, like bosses.

Typically, automated dispensers delight most geeks. (They were probably invented by them, too.) So before and after eating candy, why not wash up with the Touch Free Soap Dispenser with LCD display or the sleek white Automatic Soap Dispenser. Hopefully folks won’t get sick by eating too many sweets, but at least they can minimize the risk of getting sick off of lingering surface bacteria and viruses. Party on, Wayne!

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