Magnetic Soap Holder

Magnetic Soap Holder

Most bars of soap don’t get entirely used up because they usually turn into a soft pile of mush, since it’s always swimming in a tiny pool of water in the soap dish. What’s even more annoying is the mess that soft soap leaves on your countertop. If you’re the type who minds, then you might want to look into the Magnetic Soap Holder.

It’s basically a two-piece system that lets you “suspend” your soap from the tip of the holder. This is made possible by magnetism. See, you’re supposed to insert this tiny, magnetic disk into the soap and then position the soap onto the holder. Once the magnets align, your soap is as good as stuck.

Magnetic Soap Holder

This is particularly clever since it’s like hanging your soap up to dry so you won’t end up with a mushy mess later on. The soap holder measures 2.5 inches by 1.74 inches in diameter.

Keep your soap where it’s easiest to grab: on the Magnetic Soap Holder, which is available from Amazon for $5.70.


  1. Had one of those some 20 years ago. It leaves just as much mess on the surfaces as any other solution, because water drips of the piece of soap.

  2. I have one similar to this and LOVE it!No more gooey soap on the ledge or in a dish. I’ve been looking for a replacement for years but hadn’t found one until now. I’m ordering it today!

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