Fluorescent Cyanobacteria Petri Dish Soap

Fluorescent Cyanobacteria Petri Dish Soap

Lab rat germophobes, have we got the soap for you. Wash up with a bar of Fluorescent Cyanobacteria Petri Dish Soap to feel fresh and radiant.

Cleverly shaped and packaged as a bacterial culture in agar in a petri dish, the soap will glow and light up your life in your darkest hour. (Great for when you’re experiencing a blackout.)

Soap - Fluorescent Cyanobacteria in a Petri Dish

Glows in the dark! The card included with each soap reads: “This petri dish soap is designed to look exactly like what you’re trying to wash off: bacteria! This particular soap is modeled after a group of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, which were dyed with fluorescent markers to show fat content.”

It’s a funny reminder to wash well so you get those germs off and stay healthy. Soap consists of an all-natural, hypo-allergenic coconut oil base. This base, when un-dyed, has a slight amber color due to the all-natural ingredients… making it look even more realistic as petri dish agar. This “bacteria” is good for your skin too. Scented with a lemon-lime fragrance that has nothing to do with bacteria, but smells fantastic.

For best results, keep the soap in its dish so that people can appreciate the big picture. Otherwise, it’ll just be a disc-shaped, glow-in-the-dark bar of soap, which is still pretty impressive. Hit the lights and thrill your lab partners, kids or any geek you can get your germy hands on.

Get the not-so-toxic Fluorescent Cyanobacteria Petri Dish Soap at Etsy.com for $7.25 each.

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